Physical training 3 step program

In this 3 step physical program designed for both individuals and teams, soccer players will learn to improve their technique, coordination and speed - step by step.

The vision behind this 3 step program is that every soccer player will have to master each step, before moving on to the next step. By mastering step 1, step 2 and later step 3 can be mastered. 

The program is structured from gross to fine motor skills, from general to specific exercises, from low speed to high speed performance. To guide you or your players, I always start with a null set (zero measure set): where do you or your players stand right now? From there, I will customize the program to each individual.

Step 1 - Technique optimalisation

What? Step 1 focuses on the gross motor (technical) skills: easy exercises and the basic running movements at a low pace.

How? We will work on the body position and start with the first steps of forward running movements: forward swing phase and backward swing phase. Besides that, we will work on optimizing the other running directions: sideways and backwards. 

Why? By controlling the general technical (gross motor skills), the player can constructively improve the soccer specific running technique skills (step 2).

Step 2 - Coordination optimalisation

What? Step 2 focuses on the fine motor skills; coordination (feet placement) exercises at a medium speed.

How? We will work on combining the technical (gross motor) skills with the coordination (fine motor) skills. We will improve foot placement during running: landing phase, standing phase and take off phase. We will also work on foot coordination (foot mastery), to get full feet control.

Why? The gross and fine motor skills are connected to the soccer skills, and by controlling these first the player will be able to execute soccer skills better and faster (step 3).

Step 3 - Speed optimalisation

What? Step 3 focuses on speed; frequency adjustment and arm action exercises at maximum speed.

How? We will work on arm action and speed. The player will be challenged to perform at smaller spaces, to simulate game situations.

Why? By step 3 the player will be in control of the technical and coordination skills. By training at maximum speed one will be able to perform at maximum speed if required in a game.