Physical soccer training for teams

As a (professional) soccer coach, you want your team to be the best. In training sessions, you focus on technical and tactical soccer skills, but what about running technique, speed and foot mastery? If your players cannot master their running technique, they will never be able to completely master the technical and tactical soccer skills. Body, leg and feet control is the foundation for players to become faster and better coordinated.

Physical training methods

As physical coach of your team, I will use my 3 step program to teach your players all about running technique, body-leg-foot coordination, speed improvement and foot mastery (ball mastery). With your players, we’ll constructively work on improving all these elements of physical soccer training.

Why focus on running technique?

Running technique is an underestimated element in soccer, but one of the most important elements. Research shows that ± 95% of the time during a game a player is moving. The higher the level of playing, the less time there is to perform an action, the smaller the spaces on the field are. By working on your players’ running technique, they will continue to improve themselves in speed and movements. Every player in every age category can improve himself in speed and movement.

By working on your running technique, you will improve:

  • Your start speed
  • Your acceleration speed
  • Your maximum speed
  • Your agility
  • Your eye-foot coordination
  • Your movement speed
* Source: Physical demands of different positions in FA Premier League soccer (J. Bloomfield, R. Polman & P. O'Donoghue)

Training method: 3 steps

Step 1 - Technique optimalisation

What? Step 1 focuses on your team's gross motor (technical) skills: easy exercises and the basic running movements at a low pace.

How? With your team, I will work on their body position and start with the first steps of forward running movements: forward swing phase and backward swing phase. Besides that, we will work on optimizing the players' other running directions: sideways and backwards. 

Why? By teaching your players how to control their general technical (gross motor skills), they can constructively improve their soccer specific running technique skills (step 2).

Step 2 - Coordination optimalisation

What? Step 2 focuses on your team's fine motor skills; coordination (feet placement) exercises at a medium speed.

How? With your players, I will work with them on combining their technical (gross motor) skills with their coordination (fine motor) skills. They will improve their foot placement during running: landing phase, standing phase and take off phase. I will also work on their foot coordination (foot mastery), to get full control over their feet. 

Why? The gross and fine motor skills are connected to the soccer skills of your players. By controlling these first, they will be able to execute their soccer skills better and faster (step 3).

Step 3 - Speed optimalisation

What? Step 3 focuses on speed; frequency adjustment and arm action exercises at maximum speed.

How? With your team, I will work on improving their arm action and speed. They will be challenged to perform at smaller spaces, to simulate game situations.

Why? By step 3 your players will be in control of their technical and coordination skills. By training at maximum speed they will be able to perform at their maximum speed if required in a game. 

“Most of the fastest people in the world have accidentally discovered how to be fast, very few have been taught. I believe that everyone can be taught how to run faster."

Loren Seagrave